Flying Colors 2018 Second Nature Gift Set


Unique, inventive gift sets are second nature to us. (I’ll show myself out.) This surprisingly attractive set combines two handmade jewellery piece that say “Flying Colors”. If, you know…we made jewellery instead of music. And we do make jewellery. But we also still make music.

We start with a set of earrings adorned by two silver hearts, with two guitar strings played by Mr. Steve Morse. They’re joined by fashionable silver hoops that grace each ear. The second piece is a bracelet fashioned from…another guitar string played by Steve Morse! Accenting it is a decorative guitar pick festooned with artwork from our second album, attached with a hand-wound silver strand. A second accent, keeping it company, is a hand-cut silver heart, designed by our own Steve.

The pieces, available together, are at a 30% savings, and include free-gift wrapping. Each piece is packed in a custom satchel, emblazoned with the autographs of all five of us. A custom Flying Colors storage and presentation box stores the satchel. For him or for her. Handmade by master jeweller (and Flying Colors fan) Katya Hast-Ekström. Ships fully insured and trackable.

Bracelet Sizes: Small (18.5 cm or 7.3 inches) • Medium (20.5 cm or 8.0 inches) • Large (21.5 cm or 8.5 inches) • Please note this is the bracelet size, not your wrist size; your bracelet size is approximately 1.25 cm / 0.5 inches larger.

Earrings Specifications • Silver heart: 8mm long • Silver Ear Hooks: adjustable • String-ends created from two genuine Ernie Ball guitar string played by Steve • Guitar string hoop diameter: 30mm • Silver: Sterling 925 • 100% Handmade


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Katya Arts

My art and my jewelry are devoted to the peace, love and understanding that I experienced as a child in the 1970s. Music is everything to me—it breathes into my life a sense of rhythm, energy and freedom. I was inspired by the guitar playing of Steve Morse to begin making jewelry, and moved by the Native American style he portrays. You’ll see feathers, arrows, and other hallmarks in many of my designs. With the launch of Steve’s official store, I’m honoured to be the exclusive creator of officially authorised Steve Morse jewelry. Each piece incorporates guitar strings he performed concerts with, or authorised items created specifically for this collection. I make each of my ornaments by hand, and hope they embody the same precision, intensity and dedication as the artist who inspired them.

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