Steve Morse Band – Autographed – Stand Up

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Signed Original Run of Stand Up

This is the Steve Morse Band’s incredible sophomore release! It features a lively mixture of instrumentals and vocal cuts (with guest vocals by Van Temple, Albert Lee, Eric Johnson and Alex Ligertwood). With a stellar supporting cast, Steve and the band are joined by guitarists Lee, Johnson and Peter Frampton—along with Dregs members T Lavitz (keyboard) and Mark O’Connor (violin). There’s all the stellar guitar work expected with this juggernaut collection of players, particularly on tracks like “Rockin’ Guitars” with Morse and Lee. “Distant Star” boasts Johnson at his best, back to back with a trademark Steve scorcher. The CD is from the original first pressing and signed by Steve!


1.”Book of Dreams”  3:25
2. “English Rancher” 4:25
3. “Rockin’ Guitars” 4:20
4. “Distant Star” 3:56
5. “Pick Your Poison” 3:30
6. “Stand Up” 3:40
7. “Travels of Marco Polo” 5:57
8. “Golden Quest” 4:15
9. “Unity Gain” 5:47


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January 6, 2017 Wendy

I placed an order on Nov 20 2016 and I am still waiting for delivery. Calliopia still showing it as "Processing" Have emailed Calliopia 3 times to find out what is happening but never received a reply