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Steve’s first DVD release, ever! Entitled “Sects, Dregs and Rock ‘N’ Roll”, it’s an extensive collection of material combining a complete Dixie Dregs live in concert, and a full Steve Morse Band show that also includes solo performances by Steve. It also contains an in-depth interview with Steve from 2001. It’s over 150 minutes of Morse!

The complete Dixie Dregs show was recorded at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT November 2001. With a line-up consisting of Morse/LaRue/Morgenstein/Lavitz/Goodman, the concert features a wide selection of old Dregs classics, as well as the odd individual showcase. On this tour, Steve asked the other guys in the band to bring their own material to the table, and thus, the show features an old Mahavishnu Orchestra song called “Dance of the Maya”, which the band jams along to, a T Lavitz solo tune called “Justice For All” and a workout of “BusyBodies” from the Split Decision CD amongst many other things. For all those longing for a video recorded Dregs live experience, this is the one to watch.

The show capturing the Steve Morse Band is from a performance at the legendary Bottomline club in New York, in April 1992. This was around the time when Steve was touring both with the trio and as a solo outfit. The solo gigs showed off a more eclectic side of him, and feature a good few of the songs on High Tension Wires.

Other features include an hour long interview done with Steve when he was on tour in Australia with Deep Purple in 2001—this is probably the longest interview with Steve ever recorded, and might be the longest he’s ever spoken at one time! Combining the instructional aspects of guitar playing, and detailing numerous techniques and equipment issues, it’s certainly one of the most thorough interviews ever conducted with Steve, and makes for some very interesting watching.

DVD Content:

Dixie Dregs  Live In Connecticut  2001

29th November 2001 – Toads Place, New Haven, CT, USA

Steve Morse (Guitar) – Dave LaRue (Bass) – Rod Morgenstein (Drums) – T Lavitz (Keyboards) – Jerry Goodman (Electric Violin)

  • 1. Bloodsucking Leeches
  • 2. Country House Shuffle
  • 3. Hereafter
  • 4. Justice
  • 5. Steve’s Welcome
  • 6. Busybodies
  • 7. Kat Food
  • 8. Sleeveless In Seattle
  • 9. Brick Chicken
  • 10. Dance Of The Maya
  • 11. The Bash
  • 12. Cruise Control + drum solo
  • 13. Ionized
  • 14. Take It Off The Top

Steve Morse Band Live In New York. 1992

April 1992 -Bottom line club, New York City, NY, USA

Steve Morse (Electric/Acoustic Guitar) – Dave LaRue (Bass) – T Lavitz (Keyboards)

  • 1. Northern Lights
  • 2. Picture This
  • 3. Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring
  • 4. Jammin’
  • 5. Point Counterpoint
  • 6. Little Kids
  • 7. Flat Baroque
  • 8. Ghostwind
  • 9. Get It In Writing
  • 10. Country Colours
  • 11. Tumeni Notes
  • 12. Sparkle Plenty
  • 13. Rocky Top

Steve Morse “The Guitar Show” Interview

Steve discusses his life and career from starting out, major influences, The Dixie Dregs, Deep Purple, personal issues and life on the road.


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Steve Morse Sects, Drugs & Rock 'N' Roll DVD ::

June 20, 2017 Francis Henke

Everything was wonderful that I received and the customer service by the Calliopia team was exceptional. What another treasure from Steve and his Band - just phenomenal quality and musicianship!