This imaginative necklace is as complex and intriguing as Steve’s playing. The centerpiece is an entire guitar string played by Steve during a Deep Purple concert. Two solid silver Native American features attach to the ring by silver chains. A third ornament is completely unique to this piece: a dreamcatcher, engraved with the necklaces unique design on it. Suitable for men or women. Handmade by master jeweller (and Steve Morse fan) Katya Hast-Ekström.

Packaged with an elegant cloth satchel in a Steve Morse Collection case. The guitar string’s ball-end may optionally be hand-painted Steve Morse Blue or Deep Purple.

Specifications • Ring: 7.85 cm circumference • First feather: 3cm long • Second feather: 2cm long • Dreamcatcher badge: 1cm diameter • Silver: Sterling 925 • Genuine Ernie Ball guitar string section played by Steve • 100% handmade