Steve Morse Gift Set #2

The second of three gift sets created especially for you by our own Katya, the earrings and bracelet were designed as a matching set.




This gift set combines two of the new designs created just for this set. The matching earrings and bracelet both share solid silver feathers, and the bracelet is additionally adorned with a solid silver arrow. Together, the symbolise Steve’s expression of Native American culture. The earrings are crafted using three separate guitar strings played by Steve during a Deep Purple concert – the string-ends on each earring, and the bracelet’s fabrication from a fourth Steve Morse concert-played guitar string.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, handcrafted by master jeweller (and Steve Morse fan) Katya Hast-Ekström. Grab this set at a special sale price, with free gift-wrapping. Included are two felt signature holder bags, Steve Morse Collection box, certificate of authenticity, and gift-wrapping. Shipped insured and signed-for, with tracking number provided.

Specifications: Bracelet circumference: 20.5cm • Feather length: 30mm • Arrow: 25mm long • Other than the guitar strings, fashioned from 100% Sterling 925 silver


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Katya Arts

My art and my jewelry are devoted to the peace, love and understanding that I experienced as a child in the 1970s. Music is everything to me—it breathes into my life a sense of rhythm, energy and freedom. I was inspired by the guitar playing of Steve Morse to begin making jewelry, and moved by the Native American style he portrays. You’ll see feathers, arrows, and other hallmarks in many of my designs. With the launch of Steve’s official store, I’m honoured to be the exclusive creator of officially authorised Steve Morse jewelry. Each piece incorporates guitar strings he performed concerts with, or authorised items created specifically for this collection. I make each of my ornaments by hand, and hope they embody the same precision, intensity and dedication as the artist who inspired them.

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