This stunning necklace is the pinnacle of our design and craftsmanship. It begins with a long silver chain. Clasped to it is a solid silver guitar: a miniature reproduction of Steve’s signature Music Man guitar, officially authorized by Music Man Guitars and fashioned by hand. A blue Spinell gemstone is artfully embedded within it. As a companion to the guitar, there is an official reproduction of Steve’s signature Ernie Ball guitar pick, also crafted from silver. An elegant silver-hewn guitar stand accompanies this necklace, and serves to gently cradle it if for some reason you’re ever not wearing it. Handmade by master jeweller (and Steve Morse fan) Katya Hast-Ekström.

Specifications • Chain: 2.5mm wide, 500mm long • Guitar: 50mm long • Pick: 17mm wide • Guitar Stand: 35mm high • Fashioned entirely from Sterling 925 silver • 100% Handmade