Angelfire is the acoustic pop album from Steve Morse, singer Sarah Spencer, and the Steve Morse Band (Dave LaRue and Van Romaine). With gorgeous acoustic textures written by Steve and Sarah, and the incredible musicianship of Dave and Van, this album is unlike anything you’ve ever heard from Steve. Includes an enchanting CD booklet designed by artist and exec producer Bill Evans (Flying Colors). Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Steve! Grab it now, and get an instant digital download of the whole album in 320kpbs MP3.

Click [ here ] to listen to “Far Gone Now” from the album.

Track Listing:

  1. Far Gone Now
  2. Everything to Live For
  3. Feelings Are Overrated
  4. What Made You Think?
  5. Here Today
  6. Get Away
  7. Pleasant Surprise
  8. Terrible Thing to Lose
  9. Omnis Morse Aequat
  10. Take It or Leave It
  11. Urban Decay

Sold only through Steve’s official store (Calliopia) – shipped by our friends at Katya Arts for us.

Prefer iTunes? Get Angelfire here ].