The inventive, elegant bracelet is hand-crafted from an entire guitar string performed with by Steve during a Deep Purple concert. Fashioned to the string’s ball-end is a detailed solid silver feather. Customisable to be uniquely you, choose your size, and the ball-end color (natural bronze, or hand-painted blue or purple). Handmade by master jeweller (and Steve Morse fan) Katya Hast-Ekström.

Specification: Bracelet circumference: 20.5cm • Feather length: 30mm • Complete, genuine Ernie Ball guitar string played by Steve • Thickness depends on specific guitar string used • Silver: Sterling 925 • 100% Handmade

Sizes: Small (18.5 cm or 7.3 inches) • Medium (20.5 cm or 8.0 inches) • Large (21.5 cm or 8.5 inches) • Please note this is the bracelet size, not your wrist size; your bracelet size is approximately 1.25 cm / 0.5 inches larger.