Terms & Conditions

While we make every effort to ensure the information and data contained on this website (such as product descriptions) is accurate and up-to-date, we can’t guarantee that everything is always correct. We’re just people. If something isn’t right, please let us know so we can work to remedy it.

  • As this is an e-commerce website, may need to collect personal information from you (such as where we should send your order. We endeavour to comply with the myriad worldwide regulations regarding such information, and you view our privacy policy here. Long story short, we only use your information for your order, won’t disclose your it for sale to third parties, and don’t use tracking cookies. We also don’t have a mailing list, so you won’t be receiving “special offers” from us.
  • Our website is based on WooCommerce, running on WordPress. We host Calliopia on own web server, and run the service ourselves. We’re of course not responsible for third-party software or services (such as PayPal) that may be related to the ordering process.
  • We warranty all memorabilia we sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a 15-day return window, and a guarantee of authenticity. (All the memorabilia we sell really is from Steve’s personal collection.) 
  • If there’s a problem, we’ll do our absolute best to solve it. Obviously, there are some situations that can’t be rectified, such as a storm delaying delivery. But please let us know, though, and we’ll try.
  • Our merchandise is warrantied and serviced by Printful. They handle any issues with your order and returns. This isn’t to pass the buck—they have a complete customer service department (with email, real-time chat and phone support), something a small operation like us can’t offer. You can always message us, of course, about anything.
  • By ordering with us, you agree to indemnify (meaning compensate for harm or loss) Legacy Pilots  and Calliopia for issues not in keeping with the word or general spirit of this Terms of Service.
  • Like any website, any information can change at any time, without us informing you. It wouldn’t really be possible for us to do this, and we aim to never contact you unless it’s about your order (or something really special).
  • As a small operation, please consider a little more patience with us than with big companies with full-time staff. We’ll always do our best to give you the best possible experience.